Composite Decking 101

Composite Decking 101

If you would like to learn what composite decking from Dino Decking is, read on. There is a lot more to this type of decking than meets the eye, and it has a lot of advantages. We’re going to explore all that composite decking has to offer so you can use it to your advantage. Read on for more information!

A Lot of Work?

Decking can need a lot of work, even though it’s something you’re supposed to enjoy having in your garden. Some types of decking need to be sanded, power-washed and then refinished. It can also need cleaning from time to time, especially if you tend to use it a lot.

Some people may even wonder if it’s worth having decking installed, which is not unreasonable. However, when it comes to composite decking boards you’ll find that it’s not quite as much work. This is because composite decking does not need to be sanded, power-washed and then refinished. Composite decking simply needs to be installed and occasionally swept clean with a stiff broom. That is all the care it really needs.

Composite decking does not need as much looking after as most other types of decking due to the materials that it’s made from. Made from a mixture of recycled plastic particles and recycled wood flour, the decks are also treated with preservatives. These preservatives help ensure that the decks are free from mildew, mould, and rot. With the ability to last from 15-25 years with little care needed, composite decks do not require much looking after.

The Advantages of Composite Decking

Some of the advantages of composite decking are as follows:

Sustainability – As we have already seen, composite decking is made from a mixture of recycled plastic particles and recycled wood flour. This means they are very environmentally friendly as very little energy was needed to produce them. What’s more is because decks don’t need much looking after they stay out of landfill for a lot longer.

Hidden Fasteners – While many other types of decking come with fasteners that you can potentially trip up on, composite decking does not. This is because this type of decking comes with a tongue and groove or clip assembly. What this means is composite decking is easy to put together but you won’t have to put up with any unsightly fasteners that could become rusty.

The Length – Many wood planks are only available in 16 foot lengths, however, composite decking is different. Decking such as this is often available in 20 foot lengths. What this means is you are likely to have fewer seams on your deck, but this will depend on your deck’s dimensions.

The Price – Composite decking and its materials often cost a lot less than wooden decking, for example. In fact, it may be as much as three times cheaper than other types of decking. What’s more is as composite decking is so much easier to maintain it will become cheaper over its lifetime.

Its Durability – Composite decking is very durable and (As we have already seen) it can last as long as 10-15 years. You may even have your decking for 25 years should you wish to. Many other types of decking do not last quite as long, so if you’re looking for a durable type of decking this is the type to opt for.

The Disadvantages of Composite Decking

Staining – Composite decking, like any other type of decking, is susceptible to staining. This is due to the decking being made from wood that can absorb stains. However, if you treat the stain quickly with some water it should come out easily.

Fading – As with all types of decking, composite decking can fade. The good news is that after 10-15 years your new composite decking will not have faded as much as other types of decking. If you are really worried about fading ask the seller if they can send you some weathered samples. Alternatively, you could opt for a darker shade of decking.

Composite Decking Uses

Composite decking can be placed in your garden if you wish to have a hard surface to sit on and enjoy the summer sun. It’s also ideal if you would like to have a few barbecues or summer parties as its strong and sturdy. What’s more is you can keep your lawn tidy and mud-free if you spend most of your time on your decking as opposed to your lawn. Lastly, composite decking can add as an extension to your home, making it seem larger.

As you can see, composite decking has a lot of advantages and is a great addition to almost any garden. Low maintenance and with the ability to look good, this type of decking could last a long time and look good for many years.